is a curated, content-driven, news and opinion platform built on the blockchain. It's the answer to one of the big questions:

How do I get all the relevant information I need to make the right decision?

Joobra is the answer. It’s a curated, content-driven, blockchain-based trending news and opinion platform. This isn't just another content distribution platform. We want to bring you the latest news and media from diverse and distinct perspectives. With the blockchain smart contract, readers would also have the ability for voting preferred/trending content and tailor their streaming content feed to their interest, further engaging with the platform. Trending news and interest insights don't always get the international coverage they deserve on mainstream platforms. However, that type of news can be extremely relevant to you. That's why Joobra will have staff writers and contributors from around the world that bring you the data and a variety of interest insights you need. 

We know there are a lot of content platforms out there -- many have been less-than-one hit wonders. So you're probably wondering what makes Joobra different. Joobra features:

1.     A combination of the best curated content.We pull together the news you need from top tier publications of all sizes in one place, making it easy to keep track of what's going on and make informed decisions. 

2.     High-quality original content. We’ll fill the gaps with quality content you want to read but can’t find.

3.     Tailor your content feed.You'll be able to manage a personalized content feed so the go-to sources you like most show up first. 

4.     Earn as you contribute.Opinion contributors to Joobra will get a share in the ad-revenue percentage generated from their high-quality posted content, this is yet another way members can earn more crypto!  

How will Joobra stay profitable?

Like any successful venture, we plan on developing multiple revenue streams with two key revenue drivers

1.     Advertising revenue. We'll generate revenue from advertisers featured on the site.

2.     Paid posting packages revenue. Making a contribution to the blog will cost a small amount of UPZ that will get circulated in the community. Why charge to post when traditional models have it the other way around? It's part of our strategy to ensure the quality of the content on Joobra. Contributors will share in ad revenue—readers vote on content they like giving it more exposure, this feature helps ensure the quality of the post.

 ·      Burn Contribution: Transactional at 0.05% per post on website. 
·       Business revenues earned here are considered for the “Raid the Reserve” program (more on this below).