UpthinityPay will be a one-stop payment solution for all your shopping needs. We'll partner up with major big-box and online retailers, allowing crypto-currency holders to purchase everyday essentials quickly and easily no matter where they are. UpthinityPay's proprietary crypto-currency conversion method and partnerships will give users the ability to make website purchases from the comfort of their desktop or mobile phone with major online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart as well as other eCommerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores with the option to earn cash back from their purchases. Through strategic partnerships we will continue to expand the UpthinityPay retailer network globally, adding new partners as we go.

How Does UpthinityPay Earn Revenue?

Our key revenue drivers for this project will be low UPZ token transaction fee and rebates. 

1.     Transaction exchange fees. Though these will be substantially lower than traditional competitors, they are enough to power and maintain a lean operation. 
2.     Shopping Rebates: Merchant rebates will help fuel revenue and share given to members who shop through UpthinityPay 

·       Burn Contribution: Transactional at 0.05%. 
·       Business revenues earned here are considered for the “Raid the Reserve” program